wise words from yours truly.

earlier today i stumbled upon a list entitled “100 wisest words” written by a high school teacher on tumblr- which i immediately fell in love with and reblogged. it’s a list of life lessons- some of which really resonated with me. check out the entire list here. these are some of my favs:

> hold your heroes to a high standard.

> take a vacation of your cell phone, internet, and tv once a year.

> never eat lunch at your desk if you can avoid it.

> make time for your mom on your birthday. it’s her special day too.

> give credit. take blame.

for those of you who are close to me, you obviously know that my life has done a complete 360 as of late. after ending a seven year relationships (with a great guy i am still friends with) i have learned some HUGE life lessons. this summer has been all about exploring a different side of myself, and embracing the change that has come my way. after reading the list on tumblr, i couldn’t help to think about all of the life lessons i have learned lately, and thought i might as well share them with you if you are interested. so here is my list of wise words:

1. getting your heart broken teaches you so much about relationships. it makes you stronger, i promise.

2. it’s not about how many friends you have, it’s about the few that would do anything in the world for you.

3. being single is terrifying and extremely liberating.

4. even though you may feel like you can’t trust any one, have faith in people- there are good one’s out there.

5. don’t play mind games- be honest with people and hopefully they will be too.

6. if you want to text someone- just text them.

7. don’t be too worried about the “rules”- they are made to be broken.

8. you can wear anything you want, as long as you have the confidence to do so.

9. running is good for your soul.

10. if you need a good cry, listen to taylor swift’s “last kiss”.

11. the past is in the past for a reason.

12. if your boss asks you to do something, say yes.

13. indulge in a cupcake every once and a while.

14. want to make a change? dye your hair- it doesn’t last forever.

15. take some time for yourself once and awhile.

16. it’s okay to say no to things.

17. try your best to learn something new each day.

18. go out with your girlfriends and dance your butt off.

19. read a damn book. in fact read way more then one.

20. keep some secrets to yourself.

21. you might not end up with the person you think you are going to end up with- and thats okay.

22. don’t get angry, just get even.

23. don’t be mean, it doesn’t look good on you.

24. don’t regret anything- at one point it truly was exactly what you wanted.

25. spend time with your parents- they have more words of wisdom then you can even imagine.

26. at music festivals always dance and clap and sway.

27. take a trip- even if it’s only an hour away and for one day.

28. spend some time at the beach.

29. you truly are much braver then you believe.

30. you may not think you know how to flirt, but you’re probably doing an okay job.

31. get excited about the little things- and do let anyone take that excitement away from you.

32. making new friends means learning new things from new people.

33. when in doubt, cuddle with a dog.

34. when in doubt, ask “what would jacqui beattie do”.

35. dads aren’t always good with “feelings” but they are DAMN good with honesty- and sometimes you need that honesty to get back to reality.

36. little brothers are just as protective as big brothers.

37. say yes to new experiences and different situations. putting yourself in a new experience teaches you a lot.

38. a pretty dress and a smile always makes you feel much better.

39. to my brunette friends you are beautiful- but blondes have more fun.

40. country music is damn good for your soul.

41. sometimes its good to give someone a hug and feel like you never want to let go.

42. realize your are SO WORTH IT.

43. if you need a good laugh click here.

44. live music is ALWAYS better.

45. just because you’re sisters doesn’t mean you have to be best friends. but if you are, it’s the best thing in the world.

46. don’t listen to people who tell you coffee is bad. it’s good.

47. don’t listen to people who tell you alcohol is bad. it’s good.

48. you’ve only got one family. keep them close and love them with everything you have.

49. being sad doesn’t last forever. eventually you’ll move on and your heart will feel good again- it just takes time.

50. live your life the way you want too. DO NOT BE AFRAID OF YOUR DREAMS.


ox, kt