coco made me do it and another collection of interesting tees.

if someone told me i could only wear one outfit for the rest of my entire life i think i would pick black jeans and a white t-shirt. if i could get away with it, i’d also probably wear a t-shirt every day, but i feel the need to dress a little bit more sophisticated from time to time. my mom always bugs me about the number of black/white t-shirts tanks that hang in my closet. but they are just so comfortable and easy to accessorize. however, in an effort to stop wearing plain black and white i have discovered t-shirts with cute and catchy, fashionable sayings. it’s basically a win-win situation here- i still get to wear a t-shirt but it’s not so plain (even though there is nothing wrong with it).

my first catchy-t-shirt purchase might be one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe right now. here i am wearing it today! just a little salute to one of my many fashion gods.


the best thing about these kind of t-shirts (if you look on any street style website like they are everywhere!) is that they are unique, and not very expensive! i got my “coco made me do it” tee at for $16.50! below i have complied a fun collection of some of the cutest t-shirts around- where to get them- and how much they are! what’s your favourite?

black short sleeve dog print rivet t-shirt-– $27.42- frightening to some, but amazing to others!


white short sleeve double triangles print t-shirt-– $19.00- simple but i love it!


rose red short sleeve diamond letters print t-shirt-– $24.59- for all of you rhianna lovers out there!


black batwing sleeve heroes print loose t-shirt-– $22.79- for all the nerd/fashion girlies!


white sleeveless need more sleep print t-shirt-– $20.97- this is me everyday.



white short sleeve holly wood print t-shirt-– $22.79- i love this tee, especially the collar!


white striped short sleeve bicycle print t-shirt-– $22.62- i like bikes and stripes!


black short sleeve pineapple print loose t-shirt-– $21.45- i think this is so cute! i love the little details!


black and white vertical stripe holy chic print t-shirt-– $22.79- again i love the stripes and the message!


dual tone “skull” black t-shirt-– $35.39- the inner badass (who am i kidding) in me just loves skulls.


“ink painting” grey floral t-shirt-– $28.99- i love the cute little flowers.


dual tone green t-shirt-– $30.99- i love the colour-blocking and the neon!


white retro totem print t-shirt-– $24.99- i love the vintage flair of this tee!


“twin sunflowers” black t-shirt-– $20.50- i truly think this is just hilarious.


and the BEST part of these websites (sheinside and romwe) is that there are ALWAYS coupon codes for the sites if you just google them. here are some for you here: romwe (20%off) and sheinside (SPR15).

so before you think that wearing a t-shirt is too casual- think again! today i wore my coco t-shirt with a long black maxi skirt and a bunch of bangles and rings- the perfect work outfit.

hope you find something that you like!

ox, katie