what i’m loving about the city so far.

after an incredible amazing trip with my fam i proceeded to move to toronto a couple days after getting back. needless to say- i’ve been a little busy and haven’t had a chance to keep up with my blog. i am feeling much more settled now and can’t wait to get back into it.

since moving has been the biggest thing going on in my life right now i thought i would share my top ten favourite things about living downtown so far. i know i’ve only been here officially a week- but there are some things that i am really enjoying.

1. the commute.

i think this one’s pretty obvious- but i am currently enjoying an extra two hours to my day- i already feel like i am accomplishing so much more!


2. running.

running in the city is a little less boring then running in the suburbs. instead of seeing neighbourhood after neighbourhood of fairly similar houses i run down yonge street and see a whole bunch of different things! its a great way to people watch!

3. fruit markets.

needless to say there aren’t really any of these in whitby. i love that they are everywhere- and have everything! and for super wicked prices. got a pineapple the other day for $1.99!


4. friends.

its so nice to be able to see all my friends that live in the city on a more frequent basis. all visitors are welcome at my place at all times.

5. coffee.

yes i do believe whitby has something like the most tim hortons per capita or something ridiculous like that. but on my morning walk i think i pass about 50 coffee shops- chains and local ones. for those of you who have read my previous blogs you also know how i feel about baked goods- so this is also pretty dangerous.


6. exploring.

i love that i can walk out my door and just start walking and discover new things all of the time. yesterday i went for a run and found a really nice nature trail. who knows what i’ll discover next.

7. lack of internet.

i know this one isn’t going to last forever- nor do i think i would enjoy it for forever- but we don’t have the internet in our apartment yet so i’m finding time to do a lot of other things i’d normally pass up on. i’ve been baking and cooking, reading and watching old movies. it’s kind of fun.


8. book stores.

i love love love that there are so many book stores everywhere. there is a bmv right by my place- i haven’t gone in yet because i’m afraid i’ll have spent my rent money for the month- but it’s going to have to happen soon. i also loved used books so this works perfectly for me- i love knowing that someone else has enjoyed the story just as much as i’m about too.

9. new opportunities.

i know it’s only been a week but there are things that have already happened that i am super excited about. being downtown is making it a lot easier to go to certain events and network.

10. courage.

not going to lie here- i was a little nervous about moving out. i was worried i was going to miss my family (and yep i talk to my mom three times a day at least). luckily i have an awesome roommate and it’s not as scary as i thought. i’m totally braver then i thought i was- i’ve done a bunch of new things- like putting up drapes and finally figuring out how to work an xbox so i can watch a movie. maybe they seem like little things- but i’m proud of myself.


i know this move is going to change me – i think its going to be for the better and i’m excited to see whats to come.



wise words from yours truly.

earlier today i stumbled upon a list entitled “100 wisest words” written by a high school teacher on tumblr- which i immediately fell in love with and reblogged. it’s a list of life lessons- some of which really resonated with me. check out the entire list here. these are some of my favs:

> hold your heroes to a high standard.

> take a vacation of your cell phone, internet, and tv once a year.

> never eat lunch at your desk if you can avoid it.

> make time for your mom on your birthday. it’s her special day too.

> give credit. take blame.

for those of you who are close to me, you obviously know that my life has done a complete 360 as of late. after ending a seven year relationships (with a great guy i am still friends with) i have learned some HUGE life lessons. this summer has been all about exploring a different side of myself, and embracing the change that has come my way. after reading the list on tumblr, i couldn’t help to think about all of the life lessons i have learned lately, and thought i might as well share them with you if you are interested. so here is my list of wise words:

1. getting your heart broken teaches you so much about relationships. it makes you stronger, i promise.

2. it’s not about how many friends you have, it’s about the few that would do anything in the world for you.

3. being single is terrifying and extremely liberating.

4. even though you may feel like you can’t trust any one, have faith in people- there are good one’s out there.

5. don’t play mind games- be honest with people and hopefully they will be too.

6. if you want to text someone- just text them.

7. don’t be too worried about the “rules”- they are made to be broken.

8. you can wear anything you want, as long as you have the confidence to do so.

9. running is good for your soul.

10. if you need a good cry, listen to taylor swift’s “last kiss”.

11. the past is in the past for a reason.

12. if your boss asks you to do something, say yes.

13. indulge in a cupcake every once and a while.

14. want to make a change? dye your hair- it doesn’t last forever.

15. take some time for yourself once and awhile.

16. it’s okay to say no to things.

17. try your best to learn something new each day.

18. go out with your girlfriends and dance your butt off.

19. read a damn book. in fact read way more then one.

20. keep some secrets to yourself.

21. you might not end up with the person you think you are going to end up with- and thats okay.

22. don’t get angry, just get even.

23. don’t be mean, it doesn’t look good on you.

24. don’t regret anything- at one point it truly was exactly what you wanted.

25. spend time with your parents- they have more words of wisdom then you can even imagine.

26. at music festivals always dance and clap and sway.

27. take a trip- even if it’s only an hour away and for one day.

28. spend some time at the beach.

29. you truly are much braver then you believe.

30. you may not think you know how to flirt, but you’re probably doing an okay job.

31. get excited about the little things- and do let anyone take that excitement away from you.

32. making new friends means learning new things from new people.

33. when in doubt, cuddle with a dog.

34. when in doubt, ask “what would jacqui beattie do”.

35. dads aren’t always good with “feelings” but they are DAMN good with honesty- and sometimes you need that honesty to get back to reality.

36. little brothers are just as protective as big brothers.

37. say yes to new experiences and different situations. putting yourself in a new experience teaches you a lot.

38. a pretty dress and a smile always makes you feel much better.

39. to my brunette friends you are beautiful- but blondes have more fun.

40. country music is damn good for your soul.

41. sometimes its good to give someone a hug and feel like you never want to let go.

42. realize your are SO WORTH IT.

43. if you need a good laugh click here.

44. live music is ALWAYS better.

45. just because you’re sisters doesn’t mean you have to be best friends. but if you are, it’s the best thing in the world.

46. don’t listen to people who tell you coffee is bad. it’s good.

47. don’t listen to people who tell you alcohol is bad. it’s good.

48. you’ve only got one family. keep them close and love them with everything you have.

49. being sad doesn’t last forever. eventually you’ll move on and your heart will feel good again- it just takes time.

50. live your life the way you want too. DO NOT BE AFRAID OF YOUR DREAMS.


ox, kt

guilty as charged.

we all have guilty pleasures, little things we enjoy in life that we like to keep to ourselves. perhaps it’s because we are slightly embarrassed to share them with the rest of the world- but lately i have been wondering why. if you like something i think you should be proud of it and should just embrace it. SO- i am going to share some of my “guilty pleasures” with you- and i’m going to be proud of them!

1. all you chloe’s.

the one and only time i watched the x factor i fell slightly in love with emblem 3. although they didn’t win i couldn’t help but have a soft spot in my heart for the trio that perhaps reminded me of my boy band days from the past. they have recently released their first single “chloe” and i’m not going to lie i’m obsessed. i dare you to listen to the song and not get it stuck in your head. it makes me happy every time i hear it- and why should i hide something that make’s me happy. i’m pretty sure they are super young- but they have that laid-back california cool that i am slightly envious of. check out the song- it’s going to be my jump around song of the summer! (i am also currently obsessed with miley cyrus’s song “we can’t stop”)

2. pink.

for some reason i seem to be obsessed with the colour pink- but i also seem to hide it in subtle ways. i currently have a pink screen saver on my computer, a pink case and a pink keyboard protector. i have about twenty pairs of pink underwear and bras, pink socks, pink pj’s, pink notebooks, pink throw pillows, a pink screen saver on my phone. i need to face the fact that although i have been denying it for years- i LOVE pink. i think it was because i had this aversion for a while to being too girly- but i think i am just going to start embracing it. i don’t have any pink clothes but i think maybe i should add some to my wardrobe!


3. two can keep a secret if one of them is dead.

i love pretty little liars. i have only seen two seasons so far- but i am fully addicted. i have been made fun of a couple of times for watching the show by certain people (who have not in fact watched it!). i love the clothes, the hair, the make-up, the silly high school drama. when i watch the show its an escape out of my life into the world of crime-solving best friends. it’s so addicting ladies (and gentlemen!) watch it!


4. timbits.

i have an ongoing love affair with cake and cupcakes and dessert. i’m usually not happy until i have a least something sweet during the day- this is why i find timbits to be the perfect thing! if i am grabbing a coffee i am usually also ordering one chocolate timbit. yes i know it may be weird to order one timbit but it cures my sweet cravings- i’m not eating a whole donut so the calories aren’t as bad- and they are just so cute. lol. i usually go for chocolate but today i tried the new tangerine flavoured timbit and it was amazing!


5. i’m a sucker for sequins.

i don’t think i can pass an item in a store that has sequins and not look at it- let alone buy it. it’s like my body is drawn to sparkles and glitz. i have been attempting to curb my addiction because i have so many sequinned things in my closet- but i am telling you its hard. if it was acceptable i would wear sequins and sparkles every day (and maybe i just will!)


6. the boy who lived.

at any given time i usually have at least one harry potter book on the go (generally “the order of the phoenix”). perhaps it reminds me of when life wasn’t so “grown up” but i love getting lost in the chapters. i don’t sit down and read the book all of the time, but if i’m feeling sad/angry/happy (so any feeling really) i know if i read a couple of pages i will immediately be super happy.

images (1)

7. what’s in a name.

much like when i’m reading harry potter- i know that if i ever am having a bad day i can watch leonardo di caprio as romeo and i am immediately better. i am pretty sure there was a period of two months where my friend and i watched it every day. not only do i love leo but i am also a sucker for shakespeare so it’s definitely win/win.


i am sure i could go on with more guilty pleasures (reality tv, perez hilton, ripped jeans, mcdonalds ice cream, kids movies, minions, nail polish, and so on and so on).

i think we should start changing our “guilty pleasure” to just simply “pleasures”. if you like something then it’s obviously part of you and you should make it part of you. don’t try to hide it or be embarrassed.

now excuse me as i go eat a timbit, watch pll- all while wearing my sequin skirt and jacket.

ox, kt

sweet you rock and sweet you roll.

i really love music, like i’m sure you all do. there is something about hearing a song and it just making sense to you right then and there. this seems to be happening to me a lot lately- which affirms my belief that everything happens for a reason.


sometimes however when i start to really like a song, i listen to it over and over and over again. i usually don’t get sick of it- but i just feel bad for all of the other songs that i am neglecting. so i have put together a summer music playlist of all of the songs i love and i just listen to that on repeat. basically i listen to the same songs when i run, walk to work, in the office, on the train, all the time lol. they just seem to be fitting for my life right now- and i love them.

i thought i’d share them- and woud love to hear all of your fav summer songs! i am always looking for more to add to my playlist. (ps. there may be a lot of country on here- i love county, i can’t help it). (and it’s a mix of old and new).

lee brice- hard to love

phoenix- too young

daft punk- get lucky

randy houser- how country feels

mumford & sons- lover of the light

bruce springsteen- dancing in the dark

randy houser- runnin’ outta moonlight

lee brice- don’t believe everything you think

capital cities- safe and sound

walk the moon- anna sun

miranda lambert- mama’s broken heart

darius rucker- wagon wheel

jessie ware- sweet talk

t swift- holy ground

chad valley- shell suite

florence and the machine- no light, no light

hope you like them as much as i do.

xx, kt

i’m not qualified. but here is my life advice.

i have been feeling very nostalgic the last little while, and for some reason am viewing my upcoming birthday as a turning point in my life. this year i am determined to accomplish many of my goals (check out my bucket list), as well as living life to the absolute fullest. looking back over my years, i think there are many things i have learned that have gotten me where i am today, and will continue to help me over the course of my life. so for this lovely friday before the long weekend, here is some life advice i thought i’d share. hope it helps you as much as it has me!


1. treat others the way you want to be treated. i would hope this is common sense, but i truly believe you get back what you give. if you want people to treat you with respect, kindness and warmth, you have to treat them with the same qualities. my parents have always told my brother, sister and i this, and i’ve stood by it throughout my entire life.


2. if you’re not happy with school/your job- make a change. once i  graduated from school, i got a job right away as an assistant buyer for a really great company. however, after a little while i came to realize that a) buying was not the career path for me and b) i was miserable. it was a terrifying decision, but i quit my job, and started working at sportchek again part-time. i did like 150 internships though, and took on a number of freelance projects-working my butt off. i’m not going to lie- there were moments i was pretty sure i was never going to find anything and would be stuck at sportchek for the rest of my life- but with some patience, and determination, i found the job i am now in, and which i LOVE! i am in the industry i want to be, and work for two of the most inspiring and hard-working women i have ever known (now go to www.thepeacockparade.com now!!!) (lol)

download (1)

3. if you need help, ask for it. at times i tend to internalize things, keeping problems to myself and not talking about them. i’m a bit stubborn, and like to think that i can do everything by myself and never need help. but guess what- i’m human, and thats impossible. i know the moment i am having a problem and struggling with something and i talk to my mom and my sister i not only get a second opinion on the matter, but i also feel a million times better. asking for help takes a lot of stress off, and lets you look at the situation in a whole new light.


4. don’t be afraid to say no. sometimes at the end of the day all i want to do is go home and watch criminal minds and eat pop chips. if that’s what i feel like doing- then that is now what i do. i’m not afraid to turn down an event, or not make plans with friends just because i feel bad. if you don’t want to do something, then just don’t do it. you won’t enjoy it, and you’ll be wishing that you were at home with dr.spencer read the whole time.


5. don’t be afraid to be alone and learn to enjoy your own company. i’m not going to lie- i really like hanging out with myself and i do it a lot. there is nothing like plugging in my earphones and going for a run. or catching up on a good book. or watching a movie. when i talk to people all day long, sometimes i just need to come home and shut off. my next step is the movies by myself. and then perhaps a nice dinner date with me, myself and i.


6. you only live once, take care of yourself! okay as a former coach potato i know that it is easy to make excuses. but- we all have a responsibility to ourselves to live healthy, active life styles. if you aren’t into more intense forms of exercise, try going outside for a walk, a leisurely bike ride. i guarantee you will feel 100x better. making a change in my life was the best decision i ever made for myself- and in all honesty it wasn’t the hardest thing i’ve ever done. once you start, its easy to continue- and it becomes a regular part of your life. you just need a little will-power and determination and anything is possible.


7. challenge yourself. as i mentioned before, this year i am challenging myself to embrace my fears, and do some of the things i have always been terrified of doing. for example, i am apparently going skydiving. thinking about it as i type this- it seems like the craziest, stupid idea. BUT- it’s something i have always thought about, and something that i know, i know, once i do it, i’m going to be so happy that i did. last year, i challenged myself to run a half-marathon. when i started the training i couldn’t run for 15 minutes straight. but i finished it, and with an excellent time. i cannot describe to you the feeling i felt, (holding hands with sarah), and crossing the finish line. i was high on life for days. it was a challenge, but i rose to the occasion, and it paid off. i’m doing the half-marathon again this year, and this time i am challenging myself to beat my original time.



8. try new things. if you never try anything new, how will you ever know what you really like. i try to apply this motto to all aspects of my life. i love trying new foods, new products, new styles, new exercises- everything. you can really surprise yourself when you take a chance and move away from routine. for instance- and this probably sounds ridiculous- but for some reason i had this idea in my head that i hated pears, even though i don’t think i ever tried one. then a couple of months ago, i had some pear in a salad- and i friggen loved it. now i’m completely obsessed, and could probably eat five a day if i let myself. you’ll just never know- unless you try.


9. don’t over complicate things and skip the drama. i think we are all guilty of over-thinking and over complicating things- i know for sure i am. usually the situation is never as bad as it seems, and you’re making half of it up in your head. if you think some one has a problem with you-ask them. if a problem arises in your life-deal with it. there are too many enjoyable things in life to worry about what other people think about you- or to get caught up in unnecessary drama. if you’re dealing with someone who is bringing drama to your life- get away from them. it’s not worth it.


10. believe in miracles and just be happy. every day i am surprised by how many amazing things there are in this world. miracles happen literally every day, and there is just so much to be happy about. life is too short to waste it. be positive about each day you face and what’s to come. not to sound too cheesy, but the future is yours for the taking. you only have one life, so you might as well live it right.


have a great long weekend everyone.

ox, katie

27 things i’m going to do when i turn 27.

i have to face facts- i’m not getting any younger. i’m not saying i am very old or anything- but i think it’s about time i stop waiting around for life to happen to me, and make life happen for myself. this saturday i am turning 25 for the third time (aka 27). and i’ve been thinking a lot about all the things i am still hoping to accomplish. instead of being upset that i’m going to be another year older, i am going to take each year as an opportunity to challenge myself to do all the things i always say i’m going to do, and some how never get around to doing. so as it is my 27th year, i am going to challenge myself to do 27 things i’ve always wanted to do- a bucket list of sorts. images so without further ado- here is my list that i will start checking off come saturday! (i’ll be documenting throughout the year as well!) 1. get my belly button pierced. i have always wanted to do this and some how just haven’t. so, on saturday i am going to get it done! (mom if you are reading this please don’t freak out, i need you to come and hold my hand so i don’t freak out!) 2. go sky diving. again this is something i have always wanted to do, and always say i’m going to do, but never do. so at some point this year i will be making an appointment and going to go jump out of a plane- would anyone like to come and make sure i do it? 3. go to california. at some point this year i am going to take a trip to california. i have this feeling that i am going to love it there- so i’m going to go. i can just picture myself riding a bike down a boardwalk and soaking up the sun on a beach. tumblr_mibrm2tEMF1rbht5bo1_500 4. buy an apartment. i think it’s about time i move out of my parents lovely house. although they have been so kind as to let me stay there while i save up some money, it’s time for me to move on and create my own space. i’m not overly picky about the size- i know i’ll make it home. tumblr_luh0bp2qX01qjbmblo1_500 5. learn to drive standard. this is going to require one of my lovely friends who has a standard car to teach me. i am also hoping that when my brother gets a car it will be standard and then he can teach me. it’s going to be an interesting experience for those of you who know what my driving is like now on an automatic. (hopefully one day i’ll own a car that looks like this!) f003fcebb87af06c542ddef10cb59fb4aa4df8a0 6. get a tattoo to represent the people that mean the most to me (my family). i have been wanting this for some time now- and i know what it will be- you’ll just have to wait and see! 7. learn cpr. i think this is a very important thing to have for a number of reasons. you never know when someone around you could need help- and i want to be able to be able to provide that help. 8. buy a coffee for a stranger. i’m a big fan of paying it forward- i think you get back in life what you give. i’m a little unclear of how you are supposed to buy coffee for the person behind you in line (how do you know what they like?) are you just supposed to give the cashier the money and get them to say it’s on you? i’ll figure it out and make sure i do it! (i also think i’ll throw in a cookie- i know i’d be happy if someone bought me one!) cofee 9. sew more. i took sewing lessons when i was younger, and then a friend and i started them up again last summer. i love being able to create my own clothes. unfortunately, i don’t have time for lessons any more, but i do feel pretty confident that i can do it myself. my mom also recently acquired a vintage singer sewing machine which is pretty amazing. sew 10. rescue a dog from an animal shelter. last year my sister and mack rescued the most amazing dog, (my nephew), bruce, from the peterborough humane society. the amount of joy and happiness he has brought to our lives is amazing. and there has been such a change in him since they first got him. i’d love to get him a brother or sister to play with. not only would i be making a difference in the dog’s life, but i know they’d make a big difference in mine. bruce 11. knit a scarf. the amount of times i have started to knit a scarf and never finished it is unbelievable. i am now exceptionally good at knitting a straight row, so it’s about time i finished it. this year i will make one. i will! 12. beat my half marathon time. i am planning on doing the scotia-bank half marathon once again this year and would like to beat my time from last year. i think with the proper amount of training it is definitely possible. 13. learn a card trick. i have always wanted to learn a card trick so i can impress and amaze people at parties. i am sure i can learn one from a youtube video- i mean it’s magic, just magic. 14. watch the star wars movies in order. i have seen a few of them, and bits and pieces of others, but never all of them completely. this year i will watch them all. not necessarily all in one sitting lol, but over the course of the year i think this is something i can achieve. yoda 15. visit the grand canyon. hopefully when i am in vegas in may this will happen- actually no it will happen. the last time i was there i didn’t get the chance to go- but i think it would just be an incredibly experience that i don’t want to miss out on. grand 16. zip-line.  okay i tried this once, and even though it was in may, we had ice pellets and hail raining down on us and i got too freaked out and stopped. so…i am challenging myself to get over my fear of heights and just do it. i’ve heard that it’s a lot of fun- so i’m going to make it happen! 17. draw more. in my younger years i used to draw all the time and always had a notebook handy. it seems that over the last couple of years i’ve blamed my lack of drawing on being too busy. so i’ve put a notebook in my bag (starting today as a matter of fact!) and am going to start doodling and see where that takes me. 18. make new friends, and rekindle old friendships. it seems over the past few weeks a number of people have come back into my life somehow or another. i have loved the fact that they have reached out/i have reached out to them, and truly believe that they we are crossing each others paths for a reason. if someone comes into your life, hold on to them, meet for coffee, like i said, everything happens for a reason. 19. send a message in a bottle. writing this blog has rekindled my love affair with writing, and i have been doing a lot more of it, and loving it. this year i am going to write a letter, put it in a bottle, and send it out. i am visiting cornwall in august, so i will have a perfect opportunity to throw it into the atlantic ocean! 20. plant a tree. in all my life i have never done this and i think it’s about time. i don’t think my parents are going to let me do this at our house because we have a lot of trees already, so i’ll have to find someplace else. does anyone know if you can just go and plant a tree somewhere? tree 21. start a fund for something i’d really like to buy myself. there are a few things i aspire to own, and i think this will be the year that i start saving up for one of them. i’m not sure if a year will do it, but i’ll make a start. 22. dye my hair purple. i have always, always wanted to dye all of my hair purple, and at some point this year i would like to do it. i think i could pull it off- and i love changing up my hair colour. katy 23. spend a day reading a great novel. i already have a new years resolution going on about reading a book a week for a year- but at some point this year i’d like to find a secluded spot and spend the day reading a book i’ve always wanted too- with no interruptions. read 24. grow a garden. once i move into my own place i would also like to do some gardening, and grow some of my own veggies. 25. cook a really nice meal for all my friends. i love cooking but i often find that i don’t have the time to do it. this year at some point i’d like to make something like a 10 course meal and invite all of my friends over to enjoy it. outdoor dinner party 4 26. volunteer. i also think i need to make some more time and find some where to volunteer on a more regular basis. i’d love to volunteer at an animal shelter, but i think i would have a hard time not taking all of the animals home with me. i’m definitely going to look into this some more. 27. take a deep breathe and be happy with what i have. although i think it is extremely important to have dreams and goals to work towards, i also think it’s very important to take a moment and appreciate what you do already have. often i think people are so focused on the future they forget to focus on what’s happening around them. i promise myself that this year i am going to take more time for those little, yet very important moments, and just be happy in my life with what i have the amazing people around me. happy1 ox, katie

looking on the bright side of life.

every body has times in their lives when it gets hard. perhaps it’s problems with school, your job, friends, relationships. i suppose i have had my fair share of hardships, but i have been blessed with amazing friends and family that are always there to support me no matter what. not to sound cheesy, but looking at the positive things in your life can really turn it around. if i have a shitty day i know if i read some of my favourite quotes, listen to my favourite songs, or go to my favourite places i will immediately start to cheer up. every one goes through things in their lives from time to time, but staying positive (if you are able to) can really make a difference in how you react to those hardships. here are some of the things that always make me feel a little bit better.



images (1)














i think it’s also important to remember that if you’re having a shitty day- you probably aren’t the only one. i know that if someone shows me kindness, it also makes me feel a lot better. again, not to be cheesy, but treat people the way you want to be treated. you never know how people around you could be feeling. maybe a friendly hello, a small gesture- you never know what you could make someones day and really turn it around.

i hope everyone has an excellent day and weekend. happy first day of summer.

ox, katie

coco made me do it and another collection of interesting tees.

if someone told me i could only wear one outfit for the rest of my entire life i think i would pick black jeans and a white t-shirt. if i could get away with it, i’d also probably wear a t-shirt every day, but i feel the need to dress a little bit more sophisticated from time to time. my mom always bugs me about the number of black/white t-shirts tanks that hang in my closet. but they are just so comfortable and easy to accessorize. however, in an effort to stop wearing plain black and white i have discovered t-shirts with cute and catchy, fashionable sayings. it’s basically a win-win situation here- i still get to wear a t-shirt but it’s not so plain (even though there is nothing wrong with it).

my first catchy-t-shirt purchase might be one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe right now. here i am wearing it today! just a little salute to one of my many fashion gods.


the best thing about these kind of t-shirts (if you look on any street style website like lookbook.nu they are everywhere!) is that they are unique, and not very expensive! i got my “coco made me do it” tee at sheinside.com for $16.50! below i have complied a fun collection of some of the cutest t-shirts around- where to get them- and how much they are! what’s your favourite?

black short sleeve dog print rivet t-shirt- www.sheinside.com– $27.42- frightening to some, but amazing to others!


white short sleeve double triangles print t-shirt- www.sheinside.com– $19.00- simple but i love it!


rose red short sleeve diamond letters print t-shirt- www.sheinside.com– $24.59- for all of you rhianna lovers out there!


black batwing sleeve heroes print loose t-shirt- www.sheinside.com– $22.79- for all the nerd/fashion girlies!


white sleeveless need more sleep print t-shirt- www.sheinside.com– $20.97- this is me everyday.



white short sleeve holly wood print t-shirt- www.sheinside.com– $22.79- i love this tee, especially the collar!


white striped short sleeve bicycle print t-shirt- www.sheinside.com– $22.62- i like bikes and stripes!


black short sleeve pineapple print loose t-shirt- www.sheinside.com– $21.45- i think this is so cute! i love the little details!


black and white vertical stripe holy chic print t-shirt- www.sheinside.com– $22.79- again i love the stripes and the message!


dual tone “skull” black t-shirt- www.romew.com– $35.39- the inner badass (who am i kidding) in me just loves skulls.


“ink painting” grey floral t-shirt- www.romwe.com– $28.99- i love the cute little flowers.


dual tone green t-shirt- www.romwe.com– $30.99- i love the colour-blocking and the neon!


white retro totem print t-shirt- www.romwe.com– $24.99- i love the vintage flair of this tee!


“twin sunflowers” black t-shirt- www.romwe.com– $20.50- i truly think this is just hilarious.


and the BEST part of these websites (sheinside and romwe) is that there are ALWAYS coupon codes for the sites if you just google them. here are some for you here: romwe (20%off) and sheinside (SPR15).

so before you think that wearing a t-shirt is too casual- think again! today i wore my coco t-shirt with a long black maxi skirt and a bunch of bangles and rings- the perfect work outfit.

hope you find something that you like!

ox, katie


the things my dad says.

my dad is truly a comedian, i’m just not sure if he knows it. each day we are subjected to his witty comments, wise remarks, intellectual rants, and unusual remarks. coming to canada from northern ireland many years ago, his accent is still terribly strong and many people have a hard time understanding what he says. i have to say that this just makes his sayings that much better. in honour of fathers day this upcoming sunday i’d like to share with you all some of the phrases that we hear on a regular basis from my dad. hopefully they put a smile on your face and make you laugh just as much as they do for my mom, the twins, and myself.


1. “what?”

this is said on a continuous basis because he can no longer hear. over the years it has gotten much worse. literally everything you say to him is followed by it. i secretly think his hearing may be fine but he is choosing to ignore us.

2. me: “hey dad! how was your day?”
dad: “what?”
me: “i said how was your day?”
dad: “what?”
me: “dad, you need to go get your hearing checked!”
   dad: “my hearing is fine, the doctor just said i can’t hear high-pitched voices like yours and moms”

again this is proof to me that he is ignoring us. he doesn’t suffer from loss of hearing, he suffers from selective hearing.

3. “do you want some cheese with that whine”

i am sure this is a favourite amongst many father’s, but my dad loves saying it- and chuckles each time he does.

4. me (singing): “livin’ it up at the hotel californniiaaaaa…”
dad: “hey katie?”
me: “…iiaaaaa. yah, whats up?”
   dad: “can you sing solo?”
   me: “clearly”
  dad: “SO LOW i can’t hear you!” (chuckle)

thanks for crushing my dreams dad.

5. “butter”

okay, i know this doesn’t come across well in written form, but with his irish accent it may be the funniest thing he ever says. just  try to imagine it said really fast with an emphasis on the “t’s”. it’s also usually followed by this:

dad: “simon, can you pass the butter?”
all of us laughing.
me: “dad, say butter”
dad: “margarine”

6. dad: “stop drinking pop katie, there is too much sugar”
    me: “dad, it’s diet, no sugar at all”
    dad: “stop drinking diet pop katie, there is too much aspartame”

there is just clearly no winning.

7. “your mother’s drunk”

this happens most times when i say good night and my mom is sleeping on the couch beside him, glass of wine still in hand.

8. “katie, every time you come downstairs i don’t know what you’re going to be wearing or what your going to look like.”

i often reply that i am just keeping everybody on their toes. i will take this as a compliment to my every-evolving style.

9. me: “hey dad, those jean’s you like from eddie bauer are on sale”
    dad: “i don’t need any jeans, i already have one pair”

please never let him look in my closet. please never let him look in my closet. please never let him look in my closet.

10. “your mother wears army boots”

clearly this is for a different generation, but i’m pretty sure he just insulted his wife.

11. simon: “dad, why don’t you have a profile picture on facebook?”
      dad: “i don’t want anyone on the internet seeing me”

well i am pretty this might have already happened. also considering he was on national television.

12. “glory, glory, man united. glory, glory, man united”

this is my dad’s cell phone ring. it often goes off in the middle of business meetings. he usually sings it afterwards.

13. “what about ya?”

really just the same as “how are you?” but much more irish. try listening to him when he visits and comes back. i don’t even know what he’s saying.

14. “i’m a social drinker, if you drink, so-shall-i”

i mean lets face it, i feel like this is said on a number of occasions. i also think it is a wisdom he has projected onto his three wonderful children. sarah, si and i are typically never ones to turn down drinks with friends.

15. “it’s far from your heart”

most people’s parents comfort them when they receive an injury, mine tell me to toughen up. i could literally be having chest pains and this would be my dad’s response lol.

however, i do think this last saying explains a lot about my dad and the way he has raised his family. although it may seem to many that it’s a phrase that lacks compassion, i think of it as the opposite. i think he was trying to teach us that nothing is as bad as it seems. that the world is full of bigger problems- that’ll we will survive. we just have to be strong. it’s a phrase that makes you stop and think that things can’t truly be so bad when you have loving parents who support you, a family that loves you, and a dad that would literally do anything for you.

so happy fathers day to the strongest man i’ve ever met. thank you for teaching sarah and simon and i to be strong, independent, confident, relentless, ambitious, warm, kind-hearted, loving, non-bullshit taking, understanding, courageous, passionate, loving, friendly, good drinkers- and most importantly that family is the most important thing in the whole wide world.

we love you so, so much.


ox, katie

p.s. i hope he reads this blog.

gone country: why i gave country music a chance.

for a long time i resisted. family members and friends often pushed me towards it- but i stood my ground. there were constant murmurs of “katie, you’ll like it”, “give it a try”…i felt the pressure, but i didn’t want to give in. to be honest i was slightly afraid, i’d heard things- it’s like a cult. but finally i caved. it happened. i must admit. i now like country music.


i always remember my dad playing typical country songs on long road trips. stories about people losing their dogs, their pick-up trucks, beer, beer, maybe some whiskey, beer. perhaps i was being too much of a music snob, or perhaps it was my teenage “emo” phase- but at the time i didn’t think the lyrics were good enough for me.

perhaps country music has evolved, or perhaps my music taste has expanded- but i just can’t get enough lately. perhaps i am overly emotional and just relate to what they are singing about, but i’m telling you- country music is where it’s at! i even have a country music playlist saved on my songza account- something i never thought i would even consider (check it out if you are a fellow country music lover here).

images (1)

there is something to be said about the way country music makes you feel. i feel like this is probably a line from many country songs but it truly “pulls at your heartstrings”. the other day i was sitting on the go train listening to lee brice’s “i drive your truck” quite literally bawling my eyes out (and i don’t cry too often). beside’s tugging at your emotionally, i feel that country musicians also have an incredible sense of humour. try craig campbell’s song “fish”– i guarantee you’ll get a bit of a shock when you hear the first line of the chorus.


perhaps it is also the fact that country music just seems to have the best outlook on life- to live it. to enjoy the little things that come your way. and not to take anything for granted. it gives you a sense of ease that everything in your life is going to be okay no matter what happens or what you’re going through. take a deep breath, grab a beer, sit outside, play the guitar, sing a song, be in love.

so i urge you- before you knock it- give it another try and you might be as surprised as i was.

here are some of my favourite country songs at the moment (i have a playlist on repeat on my ipod).

lee brice, “hard to love”

luke bryan, “drunk on you” (yes i know this was more so last summer but i love it)

justin moore, “bait a hook”

miranda lambert, “mama’s broken heart”

jason aldean, “tattoos on this town”

randy houser, “runnin’ outta moonlight”

hope you enjoy these as much as i do. ladies i’m sure you will agree but it also doesn’t hurt that guys in plaid are kinda smokin’ hot.

ox, katie

p.s. a big thank you to mack/sarah for being so persistant!