sweet you rock and sweet you roll.

i really love music, like i’m sure you all do. there is something about hearing a song and it just making sense to you right then and there. this seems to be happening to me a lot lately- which affirms my belief that everything happens for a reason.


sometimes however when i start to really like a song, i listen to it over and over and over again. i usually don’t get sick of it- but i just feel bad for all of the other songs that i am neglecting. so i have put together a summer music playlist of all of the songs i love and i just listen to that on repeat. basically i listen to the same songs when i run, walk to work, in the office, on the train, all the time lol. they just seem to be fitting for my life right now- and i love them.

i thought i’d share them- and woud love to hear all of your fav summer songs! i am always looking for more to add to my playlist. (ps. there may be a lot of country on here- i love county, i can’t help it). (and it’s a mix of old and new).

lee brice- hard to love

phoenix- too young

daft punk- get lucky

randy houser- how country feels

mumford & sons- lover of the light

bruce springsteen- dancing in the dark

randy houser- runnin’ outta moonlight

lee brice- don’t believe everything you think

capital cities- safe and sound

walk the moon- anna sun

miranda lambert- mama’s broken heart

darius rucker- wagon wheel

jessie ware- sweet talk

t swift- holy ground

chad valley- shell suite

florence and the machine- no light, no light

hope you like them as much as i do.

xx, kt


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