guilty as charged.

we all have guilty pleasures, little things we enjoy in life that we like to keep to ourselves. perhaps it’s because we are slightly embarrassed to share them with the rest of the world- but lately i have been wondering why. if you like something i think you should be proud of it and should just embrace it. SO- i am going to share some of my “guilty pleasures” with you- and i’m going to be proud of them!

1. all you chloe’s.

the one and only time i watched the x factor i fell slightly in love with emblem 3. although they didn’t win i couldn’t help but have a soft spot in my heart for the trio that perhaps reminded me of my boy band days from the past. they have recently released their first single “chloe” and i’m not going to lie i’m obsessed. i dare you to listen to the song and not get it stuck in your head. it makes me happy every time i hear it- and why should i hide something that make’s me happy. i’m pretty sure they are super young- but they have that laid-back california cool that i am slightly envious of. check out the song- it’s going to be my jump around song of the summer! (i am also currently obsessed with miley cyrus’s song “we can’t stop”)

2. pink.

for some reason i seem to be obsessed with the colour pink- but i also seem to hide it in subtle ways. i currently have a pink screen saver on my computer, a pink case and a pink keyboard protector. i have about twenty pairs of pink underwear and bras, pink socks, pink pj’s, pink notebooks, pink throw pillows, a pink screen saver on my phone. i need to face the fact that although i have been denying it for years- i LOVE pink. i think it was because i had this aversion for a while to being too girly- but i think i am just going to start embracing it. i don’t have any pink clothes but i think maybe i should add some to my wardrobe!


3. two can keep a secret if one of them is dead.

i love pretty little liars. i have only seen two seasons so far- but i am fully addicted. i have been made fun of a couple of times for watching the show by certain people (who have not in fact watched it!). i love the clothes, the hair, the make-up, the silly high school drama. when i watch the show its an escape out of my life into the world of crime-solving best friends. it’s so addicting ladies (and gentlemen!) watch it!


4. timbits.

i have an ongoing love affair with cake and cupcakes and dessert. i’m usually not happy until i have a least something sweet during the day- this is why i find timbits to be the perfect thing! if i am grabbing a coffee i am usually also ordering one chocolate timbit. yes i know it may be weird to order one timbit but it cures my sweet cravings- i’m not eating a whole donut so the calories aren’t as bad- and they are just so cute. lol. i usually go for chocolate but today i tried the new tangerine flavoured timbit and it was amazing!


5. i’m a sucker for sequins.

i don’t think i can pass an item in a store that has sequins and not look at it- let alone buy it. it’s like my body is drawn to sparkles and glitz. i have been attempting to curb my addiction because i have so many sequinned things in my closet- but i am telling you its hard. if it was acceptable i would wear sequins and sparkles every day (and maybe i just will!)


6. the boy who lived.

at any given time i usually have at least one harry potter book on the go (generally “the order of the phoenix”). perhaps it reminds me of when life wasn’t so “grown up” but i love getting lost in the chapters. i don’t sit down and read the book all of the time, but if i’m feeling sad/angry/happy (so any feeling really) i know if i read a couple of pages i will immediately be super happy.

images (1)

7. what’s in a name.

much like when i’m reading harry potter- i know that if i ever am having a bad day i can watch leonardo di caprio as romeo and i am immediately better. i am pretty sure there was a period of two months where my friend and i watched it every day. not only do i love leo but i am also a sucker for shakespeare so it’s definitely win/win.


i am sure i could go on with more guilty pleasures (reality tv, perez hilton, ripped jeans, mcdonalds ice cream, kids movies, minions, nail polish, and so on and so on).

i think we should start changing our “guilty pleasure” to just simply “pleasures”. if you like something then it’s obviously part of you and you should make it part of you. don’t try to hide it or be embarrassed.

now excuse me as i go eat a timbit, watch pll- all while wearing my sequin skirt and jacket.

ox, kt