i’m not qualified. but here is my life advice.

i have been feeling very nostalgic the last little while, and for some reason am viewing my upcoming birthday as a turning point in my life. this year i am determined to accomplish many of my goals (check out my bucket list), as well as living life to the absolute fullest. looking back over my years, i think there are many things i have learned that have gotten me where i am today, and will continue to help me over the course of my life. so for this lovely friday before the long weekend, here is some life advice i thought i’d share. hope it helps you as much as it has me!


1. treat others the way you want to be treated. i would hope this is common sense, but i truly believe you get back what you give. if you want people to treat you with respect, kindness and warmth, you have to treat them with the same qualities. my parents have always told my brother, sister and i this, and i’ve stood by it throughout my entire life.


2. if you’re not happy with school/your job- make a change. once i  graduated from school, i got a job right away as an assistant buyer for a really great company. however, after a little while i came to realize that a) buying was not the career path for me and b) i was miserable. it was a terrifying decision, but i quit my job, and started working at sportchek again part-time. i did like 150 internships though, and took on a number of freelance projects-working my butt off. i’m not going to lie- there were moments i was pretty sure i was never going to find anything and would be stuck at sportchek for the rest of my life- but with some patience, and determination, i found the job i am now in, and which i LOVE! i am in the industry i want to be, and work for two of the most inspiring and hard-working women i have ever known (now go to www.thepeacockparade.com now!!!) (lol)

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3. if you need help, ask for it. at times i tend to internalize things, keeping problems to myself and not talking about them. i’m a bit stubborn, and like to think that i can do everything by myself and never need help. but guess what- i’m human, and thats impossible. i know the moment i am having a problem and struggling with something and i talk to my mom and my sister i not only get a second opinion on the matter, but i also feel a million times better. asking for help takes a lot of stress off, and lets you look at the situation in a whole new light.


4. don’t be afraid to say no. sometimes at the end of the day all i want to do is go home and watch criminal minds and eat pop chips. if that’s what i feel like doing- then that is now what i do. i’m not afraid to turn down an event, or not make plans with friends just because i feel bad. if you don’t want to do something, then just don’t do it. you won’t enjoy it, and you’ll be wishing that you were at home with dr.spencer read the whole time.


5. don’t be afraid to be alone and learn to enjoy your own company. i’m not going to lie- i really like hanging out with myself and i do it a lot. there is nothing like plugging in my earphones and going for a run. or catching up on a good book. or watching a movie. when i talk to people all day long, sometimes i just need to come home and shut off. my next step is the movies by myself. and then perhaps a nice dinner date with me, myself and i.


6. you only live once, take care of yourself! okay as a former coach potato i know that it is easy to make excuses. but- we all have a responsibility to ourselves to live healthy, active life styles. if you aren’t into more intense forms of exercise, try going outside for a walk, a leisurely bike ride. i guarantee you will feel 100x better. making a change in my life was the best decision i ever made for myself- and in all honesty it wasn’t the hardest thing i’ve ever done. once you start, its easy to continue- and it becomes a regular part of your life. you just need a little will-power and determination and anything is possible.


7. challenge yourself. as i mentioned before, this year i am challenging myself to embrace my fears, and do some of the things i have always been terrified of doing. for example, i am apparently going skydiving. thinking about it as i type this- it seems like the craziest, stupid idea. BUT- it’s something i have always thought about, and something that i know, i know, once i do it, i’m going to be so happy that i did. last year, i challenged myself to run a half-marathon. when i started the training i couldn’t run for 15 minutes straight. but i finished it, and with an excellent time. i cannot describe to you the feeling i felt, (holding hands with sarah), and crossing the finish line. i was high on life for days. it was a challenge, but i rose to the occasion, and it paid off. i’m doing the half-marathon again this year, and this time i am challenging myself to beat my original time.



8. try new things. if you never try anything new, how will you ever know what you really like. i try to apply this motto to all aspects of my life. i love trying new foods, new products, new styles, new exercises- everything. you can really surprise yourself when you take a chance and move away from routine. for instance- and this probably sounds ridiculous- but for some reason i had this idea in my head that i hated pears, even though i don’t think i ever tried one. then a couple of months ago, i had some pear in a salad- and i friggen loved it. now i’m completely obsessed, and could probably eat five a day if i let myself. you’ll just never know- unless you try.


9. don’t over complicate things and skip the drama. i think we are all guilty of over-thinking and over complicating things- i know for sure i am. usually the situation is never as bad as it seems, and you’re making half of it up in your head. if you think some one has a problem with you-ask them. if a problem arises in your life-deal with it. there are too many enjoyable things in life to worry about what other people think about you- or to get caught up in unnecessary drama. if you’re dealing with someone who is bringing drama to your life- get away from them. it’s not worth it.


10. believe in miracles and just be happy. every day i am surprised by how many amazing things there are in this world. miracles happen literally every day, and there is just so much to be happy about. life is too short to waste it. be positive about each day you face and what’s to come. not to sound too cheesy, but the future is yours for the taking. you only have one life, so you might as well live it right.


have a great long weekend everyone.

ox, katie


coco made me do it and another collection of interesting tees.

if someone told me i could only wear one outfit for the rest of my entire life i think i would pick black jeans and a white t-shirt. if i could get away with it, i’d also probably wear a t-shirt every day, but i feel the need to dress a little bit more sophisticated from time to time. my mom always bugs me about the number of black/white t-shirts tanks that hang in my closet. but they are just so comfortable and easy to accessorize. however, in an effort to stop wearing plain black and white i have discovered t-shirts with cute and catchy, fashionable sayings. it’s basically a win-win situation here- i still get to wear a t-shirt but it’s not so plain (even though there is nothing wrong with it).

my first catchy-t-shirt purchase might be one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe right now. here i am wearing it today! just a little salute to one of my many fashion gods.


the best thing about these kind of t-shirts (if you look on any street style website like lookbook.nu they are everywhere!) is that they are unique, and not very expensive! i got my “coco made me do it” tee at sheinside.com for $16.50! below i have complied a fun collection of some of the cutest t-shirts around- where to get them- and how much they are! what’s your favourite?

black short sleeve dog print rivet t-shirt- www.sheinside.com– $27.42- frightening to some, but amazing to others!


white short sleeve double triangles print t-shirt- www.sheinside.com– $19.00- simple but i love it!


rose red short sleeve diamond letters print t-shirt- www.sheinside.com– $24.59- for all of you rhianna lovers out there!


black batwing sleeve heroes print loose t-shirt- www.sheinside.com– $22.79- for all the nerd/fashion girlies!


white sleeveless need more sleep print t-shirt- www.sheinside.com– $20.97- this is me everyday.



white short sleeve holly wood print t-shirt- www.sheinside.com– $22.79- i love this tee, especially the collar!


white striped short sleeve bicycle print t-shirt- www.sheinside.com– $22.62- i like bikes and stripes!


black short sleeve pineapple print loose t-shirt- www.sheinside.com– $21.45- i think this is so cute! i love the little details!


black and white vertical stripe holy chic print t-shirt- www.sheinside.com– $22.79- again i love the stripes and the message!


dual tone “skull” black t-shirt- www.romew.com– $35.39- the inner badass (who am i kidding) in me just loves skulls.


“ink painting” grey floral t-shirt- www.romwe.com– $28.99- i love the cute little flowers.


dual tone green t-shirt- www.romwe.com– $30.99- i love the colour-blocking and the neon!


white retro totem print t-shirt- www.romwe.com– $24.99- i love the vintage flair of this tee!


“twin sunflowers” black t-shirt- www.romwe.com– $20.50- i truly think this is just hilarious.


and the BEST part of these websites (sheinside and romwe) is that there are ALWAYS coupon codes for the sites if you just google them. here are some for you here: romwe (20%off) and sheinside (SPR15).

so before you think that wearing a t-shirt is too casual- think again! today i wore my coco t-shirt with a long black maxi skirt and a bunch of bangles and rings- the perfect work outfit.

hope you find something that you like!

ox, katie


keep calm and blog on.

one of the strongest memories i have of the first house i grew up in was that i could write all over the walls in the basement. it started out with the alphabet, practicing my little letters and capitals. it soon evolved into writings all over the place. jump ahead a few more years and i could be found meticulously practicing my cursive letters, eventually moving on to sentences and stories. throughout elementary school i always loved coming up with and writing epic tales- thinking i was going to write the next great baby sitter’s club novel or goosebumps saga. in high school i could often be found doodling in notebooks and writing song lyrics all over my bedroom wall (i’m sure nigel just loved that)- this continued into university where, low and behold, i studied english literature. over the last few years, although an avid reader and literary lover, i feel that my writing slipped through the cracks and it became lost. thanks to a very encouraging boss and colleagues, i’ve decided it’s time to start writing again- and i might as well keep up with the times and do it digitally, via this blog.

as we were driving to our peacock parade warehouse yesterday afternoon, we found ourselves on a very familiar topic- food! we decided it was well worth our time to make a little trip to tim hortons and of course we started talking about what we wanted to get. being such a beautiful day, one of my bosses, nancy, decided she wanted an ice cap- but that she felt guilty because it’s made with 18% cream. luckily, being the calorie-counter that i am, i recommended to try it out with chocolate milk- much less fat, but same great taste. “geeze katie,” she said, “you know everything, you should totally start a blog!”. with encouraging shouts from everyone else in the car that i should “totally do it!”, and after counting my absolute certain readership of about five people (including my mom! hi mom!) i decided- why not!

last night i was thinking about it some more- and kandidly katie was born. with this blog i promise to be candid and truthful. i promise to share everything wonderful that i find (like if you make an ice cap with chocolate milk it’s way healthier for you and tastes even better in my opinion). i promise to share my happiness and delights. and to myself- i promise to write.

thanks for taking the time to read my first post- i’m looking forward to writing more!


ox, kt