27 things i’m going to do when i turn 27.

i have to face facts- i’m not getting any younger. i’m not saying i am very old or anything- but i think it’s about time i stop waiting around for life to happen to me, and make life happen for myself. this saturday i am turning 25 for the third time (aka 27). and i’ve been thinking a lot about all the things i am still hoping to accomplish. instead of being upset that i’m going to be another year older, i am going to take each year as an opportunity to challenge myself to do all the things i always say i’m going to do, and some how never get around to doing. so as it is my 27th year, i am going to challenge myself to do 27 things i’ve always wanted to do- a bucket list of sorts. images so without further ado- here is my list that i will start checking off come saturday! (i’ll be documenting throughout the year as well!) 1. get my belly button pierced. i have always wanted to do this and some how just haven’t. so, on saturday i am going to get it done! (mom if you are reading this please don’t freak out, i need you to come and hold my hand so i don’t freak out!) 2. go sky diving. again this is something i have always wanted to do, and always say i’m going to do, but never do. so at some point this year i will be making an appointment and going to go jump out of a plane- would anyone like to come and make sure i do it? 3. go to california. at some point this year i am going to take a trip to california. i have this feeling that i am going to love it there- so i’m going to go. i can just picture myself riding a bike down a boardwalk and soaking up the sun on a beach. tumblr_mibrm2tEMF1rbht5bo1_500 4. buy an apartment. i think it’s about time i move out of my parents lovely house. although they have been so kind as to let me stay there while i save up some money, it’s time for me to move on and create my own space. i’m not overly picky about the size- i know i’ll make it home. tumblr_luh0bp2qX01qjbmblo1_500 5. learn to drive standard. this is going to require one of my lovely friends who has a standard car to teach me. i am also hoping that when my brother gets a car it will be standard and then he can teach me. it’s going to be an interesting experience for those of you who know what my driving is like now on an automatic. (hopefully one day i’ll own a car that looks like this!) f003fcebb87af06c542ddef10cb59fb4aa4df8a0 6. get a tattoo to represent the people that mean the most to me (my family). i have been wanting this for some time now- and i know what it will be- you’ll just have to wait and see! 7. learn cpr. i think this is a very important thing to have for a number of reasons. you never know when someone around you could need help- and i want to be able to be able to provide that help. 8. buy a coffee for a stranger. i’m a big fan of paying it forward- i think you get back in life what you give. i’m a little unclear of how you are supposed to buy coffee for the person behind you in line (how do you know what they like?) are you just supposed to give the cashier the money and get them to say it’s on you? i’ll figure it out and make sure i do it! (i also think i’ll throw in a cookie- i know i’d be happy if someone bought me one!) cofee 9. sew more. i took sewing lessons when i was younger, and then a friend and i started them up again last summer. i love being able to create my own clothes. unfortunately, i don’t have time for lessons any more, but i do feel pretty confident that i can do it myself. my mom also recently acquired a vintage singer sewing machine which is pretty amazing. sew 10. rescue a dog from an animal shelter. last year my sister and mack rescued the most amazing dog, (my nephew), bruce, from the peterborough humane society. the amount of joy and happiness he has brought to our lives is amazing. and there has been such a change in him since they first got him. i’d love to get him a brother or sister to play with. not only would i be making a difference in the dog’s life, but i know they’d make a big difference in mine. bruce 11. knit a scarf. the amount of times i have started to knit a scarf and never finished it is unbelievable. i am now exceptionally good at knitting a straight row, so it’s about time i finished it. this year i will make one. i will! 12. beat my half marathon time. i am planning on doing the scotia-bank half marathon once again this year and would like to beat my time from last year. i think with the proper amount of training it is definitely possible. 13. learn a card trick. i have always wanted to learn a card trick so i can impress and amaze people at parties. i am sure i can learn one from a youtube video- i mean it’s magic, just magic. 14. watch the star wars movies in order. i have seen a few of them, and bits and pieces of others, but never all of them completely. this year i will watch them all. not necessarily all in one sitting lol, but over the course of the year i think this is something i can achieve. yoda 15. visit the grand canyon. hopefully when i am in vegas in may this will happen- actually no it will happen. the last time i was there i didn’t get the chance to go- but i think it would just be an incredibly experience that i don’t want to miss out on. grand 16. zip-line.  okay i tried this once, and even though it was in may, we had ice pellets and hail raining down on us and i got too freaked out and stopped. so…i am challenging myself to get over my fear of heights and just do it. i’ve heard that it’s a lot of fun- so i’m going to make it happen! 17. draw more. in my younger years i used to draw all the time and always had a notebook handy. it seems that over the last couple of years i’ve blamed my lack of drawing on being too busy. so i’ve put a notebook in my bag (starting today as a matter of fact!) and am going to start doodling and see where that takes me. 18. make new friends, and rekindle old friendships. it seems over the past few weeks a number of people have come back into my life somehow or another. i have loved the fact that they have reached out/i have reached out to them, and truly believe that they we are crossing each others paths for a reason. if someone comes into your life, hold on to them, meet for coffee, like i said, everything happens for a reason. 19. send a message in a bottle. writing this blog has rekindled my love affair with writing, and i have been doing a lot more of it, and loving it. this year i am going to write a letter, put it in a bottle, and send it out. i am visiting cornwall in august, so i will have a perfect opportunity to throw it into the atlantic ocean! 20. plant a tree. in all my life i have never done this and i think it’s about time. i don’t think my parents are going to let me do this at our house because we have a lot of trees already, so i’ll have to find someplace else. does anyone know if you can just go and plant a tree somewhere? tree 21. start a fund for something i’d really like to buy myself. there are a few things i aspire to own, and i think this will be the year that i start saving up for one of them. i’m not sure if a year will do it, but i’ll make a start. 22. dye my hair purple. i have always, always wanted to dye all of my hair purple, and at some point this year i would like to do it. i think i could pull it off- and i love changing up my hair colour. katy 23. spend a day reading a great novel. i already have a new years resolution going on about reading a book a week for a year- but at some point this year i’d like to find a secluded spot and spend the day reading a book i’ve always wanted too- with no interruptions. read 24. grow a garden. once i move into my own place i would also like to do some gardening, and grow some of my own veggies. 25. cook a really nice meal for all my friends. i love cooking but i often find that i don’t have the time to do it. this year at some point i’d like to make something like a 10 course meal and invite all of my friends over to enjoy it. outdoor dinner party 4 26. volunteer. i also think i need to make some more time and find some where to volunteer on a more regular basis. i’d love to volunteer at an animal shelter, but i think i would have a hard time not taking all of the animals home with me. i’m definitely going to look into this some more. 27. take a deep breathe and be happy with what i have. although i think it is extremely important to have dreams and goals to work towards, i also think it’s very important to take a moment and appreciate what you do already have. often i think people are so focused on the future they forget to focus on what’s happening around them. i promise myself that this year i am going to take more time for those little, yet very important moments, and just be happy in my life with what i have the amazing people around me. happy1 ox, katie


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