looking on the bright side of life.

every body has times in their lives when it gets hard. perhaps it’s problems with school, your job, friends, relationships. i suppose i have had my fair share of hardships, but i have been blessed with amazing friends and family that are always there to support me no matter what. not to sound cheesy, but looking at the positive things in your life can really turn it around. if i have a shitty day i know if i read some of my favourite quotes, listen to my favourite songs, or go to my favourite places i will immediately start to cheer up. every one goes through things in their lives from time to time, but staying positive (if you are able to) can really make a difference in how you react to those hardships. here are some of the things that always make me feel a little bit better.



images (1)














i think it’s also important to remember that if you’re having a shitty day- you probably aren’t the only one. i know that if someone shows me kindness, it also makes me feel a lot better. again, not to be cheesy, but treat people the way you want to be treated. you never know how people around you could be feeling. maybe a friendly hello, a small gesture- you never know what you could make someones day and really turn it around.

i hope everyone has an excellent day and weekend. happy first day of summer.

ox, katie


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