gone country: why i gave country music a chance.

for a long time i resisted. family members and friends often pushed me towards it- but i stood my ground. there were constant murmurs of “katie, you’ll like it”, “give it a try”…i felt the pressure, but i didn’t want to give in. to be honest i was slightly afraid, i’d heard things- it’s like a cult. but finally i caved. it happened. i must admit. i now like country music.


i always remember my dad playing typical country songs on long road trips. stories about people losing their dogs, their pick-up trucks, beer, beer, maybe some whiskey, beer. perhaps i was being too much of a music snob, or perhaps it was my teenage “emo” phase- but at the time i didn’t think the lyrics were good enough for me.

perhaps country music has evolved, or perhaps my music taste has expanded- but i just can’t get enough lately. perhaps i am overly emotional and just relate to what they are singing about, but i’m telling you- country music is where it’s at! i even have a country music playlist saved on my songza account- something i never thought i would even consider (check it out if you are a fellow country music lover here).

images (1)

there is something to be said about the way country music makes you feel. i feel like this is probably a line from many country songs but it truly “pulls at your heartstrings”. the other day i was sitting on the go train listening to lee brice’s “i drive your truck” quite literally bawling my eyes out (and i don’t cry too often). beside’s tugging at your emotionally, i feel that country musicians also have an incredible sense of humour. try craig campbell’s song “fish”– i guarantee you’ll get a bit of a shock when you hear the first line of the chorus.


perhaps it is also the fact that country music just seems to have the best outlook on life- to live it. to enjoy the little things that come your way. and not to take anything for granted. it gives you a sense of ease that everything in your life is going to be okay no matter what happens or what you’re going through. take a deep breath, grab a beer, sit outside, play the guitar, sing a song, be in love.

so i urge you- before you knock it- give it another try and you might be as surprised as i was.

here are some of my favourite country songs at the moment (i have a playlist on repeat on my ipod).

lee brice, “hard to love”

luke bryan, “drunk on you” (yes i know this was more so last summer but i love it)

justin moore, “bait a hook”

miranda lambert, “mama’s broken heart”

jason aldean, “tattoos on this town”

randy houser, “runnin’ outta moonlight”

hope you enjoy these as much as i do. ladies i’m sure you will agree but it also doesn’t hurt that guys in plaid are kinda smokin’ hot.

ox, katie

p.s. a big thank you to mack/sarah for being so persistant!


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