expand your mind- it only costs 1 cent.

as soon as my friend told me his new years resolution was to read a book a week for the entire year (52 books in total) i was immediately in on the idea. i read a lot while traveling, commuting, etc. so i thought this was something i could definitely handle. i got a kobo ereader for christmas and everything! i was ready to go! quite frankly, i thought e-books would be cheaper then buying an actual hard-copy- turns out, i was wrong. they’re still basically the same price- and you don’t have something physical in your hand or to add to your library collection (i plan to have a full room library in my house one day!).

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so i started doing some research and remembered from my university days that you could buy used books on amazon.ca. well low and behold- you can get them for one penny!!! (and people say you can’t buy anything for a cent these days- wrong!).










if you are okay with used books (i basically fold mine and tear them up while reading so i don’t mind), then you can pretty much find any book that hasn’t just come out, on amazon for 1 cent. you do have to pay shipping however, which is generally in the vicinity of $5 (you can often qualify for super saver shipping if you are ordering more than one)- and your total cost is still only about $6 total- the cheapest i’ve found any books.


if you know me, you also know i love getting things in the mail- so this is a win-win situation. i find the books usually take about a week to ship to my house depending on where they are coming from- two weeks max.

if you’re not interested in ordering online, you can usually get 40% off books at the superstore or walmart. or if you are in the city there are quite a number of used books stores around- sometimes its hard to find exactly what you are looking for however.

here are some of the books i have recently ordered off amazon.ca and absolutely loved!

“One Day” by David Nicholls

200px-One_day_-_david_nicholls“Dark Places” by Gillian Flynn


“The Doctor’s Wife” by Elizabeth Brundage


each of the above books only cost me a penny and provided hours of entertainment. i know that you can also take books out from the library for free- but unfortunately i am one of those people who always forget to return them on time and end up paying ridiculous late fees. you could also try doing a swap and trading with friends if they are interested in reading as well! if anyone wants to borrow a book from me let me know!

reading is an excellent way to learn and get lost in a story. it’s definitely one of the ways i escape.

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ox, katie


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