coffee on the rocks.

i wouldn’t go as far as too say that i am addicted to coffee- but i do really, really like it. i usually have a couple of cups a day- in the morning to get me going and in the afternoon as a little pick-me-up. but come summer time- it is just too damn hot to drink a steaming cup of coffee sometimes! luckily many places now offer iced coffee- or coffee on the rocks as i like to refer to it.


iced coffee is a delicious and cool jolt of caffeine on a hot summer day, a perfect alternative to it’s hot counterpart. however, what you may not realize is that iced coffee often comes with a lot more calories then a regular cup which is only zero if you aren’t adding creams and sugars. i did some research and found the calorie content of some of my fav iced coffee beverages.

tim hortons

small mocha iced coffee: 110 calories
small iced coffee made with cream: 110 calories
small iced coffee made with chocolate milk: 80 calories


grande iced coffee with milk: 120 calories
grande iced coffee lightly sweetened: 90 calories

second cup

12oz iced coffee unsweetened, no milk: 20 calories


small caramel iced coffee: 110 calories
small caramel iced latte with skim milk: 90 calories
small caramel iced coffee with 2% milk: 110 calories
small iced mocha with skim milk: 190

although it may not seem like many calories, for me for example, it’s a big jump from having a zero-five calorie hot coffee to having a iced coffee that’s 110 calories.


like i’ve mentioned before, it’s very important to know what you are putting into your body- paying attention to nutrition guides, including calorie content, sugar and fat. as you can see the options i posted below are small sizes, and made with milk. the calories in frozen coffee drinks made with cream and more sugar almost triple in calories.

iced coffee is delicious, but just be careful about throwing away calories with these drinks. i have tried most of the drinks i listed above and i have to say that the mcdonalds iced coffee is by far my favourite! i just get it made with french vanilla instead of caramel- i highly recommend it!


you also have the option of making your own iced coffee- i haven’t tried it myself, but do plan on it this summer! pinterest has a ton of recipes and many of them are “diet friendly”. here is one of the recipes i found:

>2 tablespoons of instant coffee granules (or how many you prefer)
>1 teaspoon of sugar (if you want/need it)
>3 tablespoons of warm water
>6 ounces of cold milk (you can use skim, 2%, chocolate milk- whatever you prefer)

you then simply combine the coffee, sugar and warm water in a concealed jar and combine until frothy and thoroughly mixed. pour this mixture into a glass full of ice and then pour the milk into the glass- adjusting to your liking.

i’ll definitely be trying that this weekend!

here are some links to other iced coffee recipes i found, that i think sound absolutely amazing!!!:

nutella iced coffee
spiced iced coffee
iced coffee chocolate chip popsicles
peppermint-vanilla-mocha iced coffee
light calorie iced coffee


ox, kt

p.s. here are links to more nutrition information

tim hortons nutrition

starbucks nutrition

second cup nutrition

mcdonalds nutrition


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