long hair don’t care.

for as long as i can remember i have always had long hair- until one moment i became completely insane and decided to chop it up to my chin- and i was so excited about it- but then this happened.


although i was alright with my short bob for about a month or two, i started immediately regretting my decision. here i am below, sad about my short hair.


although i had lots of reassurance from friends and family- i really wanted my long hair back. i couldn’t even put my hair into a pony tail- thus resulting in all kinds of awkward up-dos. it was time to start growing back my hair- thus beginning my hair growth journey.

now before i made the fatal mistake of cutting my hair, i would routinely visit my hairdresser every three months for a trim (which i had always been told to do to keep my hair healthy). although my hair was long at the time (and i was happier), it didn’t seem to get to the exact length i wanted it to be. as i got to the sometimes awkward shoulder length stage of my hair growth journey and was debating a trim i stumbled upon an article that really put it bluntly;  “stop cutting your hair”. essentially the article discussed the myths of the three-month trim- guess what!? it’s not necessary! frequent trims that are supposed to help with growing hair do not in fact make your hair grow faster. the hair expert suggested focusing on taking care of your hair so you don’t need to get any spilt ends (and length) trimmed away.


the average person’s hair grows about 1/4 inch a month. so if you are going to get your hair “trimmed” every three to four months and they take off an inch- well you do the math. you are never going to get anywhere. instead there are a number of things you can do to focus on keeping your hair healthy and happy- skipping your “trims” altogether and reaching your hair length goal. here are some great tips i found:

1. massage your mane: proper circulation is key to growing your hair out. get your blood flowing to promote proper circulation and get your hair growing! you can do this by using your fingertips in a circulation motion on your scalp once a day. exercising also helps with circulation- so your gym sessions are good for your hair as well!

2. eat right: what you put into your body directly affects your hair growth. focus on getting essential fatty acids like Omega-3, vitamins A, E, & B, including iron and zinc. these promote healthy skin and hair. these kinds of nutrients can often be found in foods like fish, nuts, and greens.

3. be dirty: it’s really okay to not wash your hair all of the time. shampoo will strip your hair of essential oils that it needs to grow. many experts suggest washing your hair three times max. i often alternate one day i wash my hair and wear it down, the next day i don’t wash and put it up.

4. try new styles: a lot of the time, people cut their hair because they are bored with the style. i suggest doing some research (pinterest has a ton of easy to do hairstyles) and coming up with some new styles that work for you. i regularly rotate my hair styles; one day i have a braid, the next it’s curly, the next it’s straight, then i may have a pony tail. this way  i am never bored.

5. treat it right: this is very important if you are going to focus on healthy hair and skipping your trims. instead of using a brush when you have wet hair make sure you are using a wide tooth comb to get out the knots. if you are using heat tools (i.e. hair straightener, curling iron) always make sure to use a heat protection spray beforehand. also try to avoid synthetic hair brushes and use natural ones instead as they work your hairs natural oils for all over moisture.

6. deep condition: this may be the most important to keep your hair healthy and avoid hair cuts. about two to three times a week i use a deep conditioner/treatment on my hair. my hairdresser suggested using aveda’s damage remedy treatment– and after only one month i have noticed a significant improvement. the treatment works to instantly repair hair, and certified organic. it’s about $26 for a 100ml bottle and after about 15 treatments i haven’t even used a quarter of the bottle.

it has now been about a year since i have cut my hair, and following the above steps, i don’t really need too. my hair is growing at an excellent rate and i haven’t lost any progress due to trims or cuts. here is my hair progress now:


so bottom line- trimming and cutting your hair is not necessary! just focus on keeping your hair as healthy as possible and it’s be rapunzel-like before you know it!


ox, kt


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