keep calm and blog on.

one of the strongest memories i have of the first house i grew up in was that i could write all over the walls in the basement. it started out with the alphabet, practicing my little letters and capitals. it soon evolved into writings all over the place. jump ahead a few more years and i could be found meticulously practicing my cursive letters, eventually moving on to sentences and stories. throughout elementary school i always loved coming up with and writing epic tales- thinking i was going to write the next great baby sitter’s club novel or goosebumps saga. in high school i could often be found doodling in notebooks and writing song lyrics all over my bedroom wall (i’m sure nigel just loved that)- this continued into university where, low and behold, i studied english literature. over the last few years, although an avid reader and literary lover, i feel that my writing slipped through the cracks and it became lost. thanks to a very encouraging boss and colleagues, i’ve decided it’s time to start writing again- and i might as well keep up with the times and do it digitally, via this blog.

as we were driving to our peacock parade warehouse yesterday afternoon, we found ourselves on a very familiar topic- food! we decided it was well worth our time to make a little trip to tim hortons and of course we started talking about what we wanted to get. being such a beautiful day, one of my bosses, nancy, decided she wanted an ice cap- but that she felt guilty because it’s made with 18% cream. luckily, being the calorie-counter that i am, i recommended to try it out with chocolate milk- much less fat, but same great taste. “geeze katie,” she said, “you know everything, you should totally start a blog!”. with encouraging shouts from everyone else in the car that i should “totally do it!”, and after counting my absolute certain readership of about five people (including my mom! hi mom!) i decided- why not!

last night i was thinking about it some more- and kandidly katie was born. with this blog i promise to be candid and truthful. i promise to share everything wonderful that i find (like if you make an ice cap with chocolate milk it’s way healthier for you and tastes even better in my opinion). i promise to share my happiness and delights. and to myself- i promise to write.

thanks for taking the time to read my first post- i’m looking forward to writing more!


ox, kt


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